Welcome to Europa Worldwide Group’s petition to alleviate congestion at the Dartford Tunnel.

We’re an independent logistics business headquartered in Dartford and we’ve officially had enough of the Dartford traffic jam. It’s time for action.

The problem

You may not be aware that the traffic approaching the Dartford Tunnel is brought to a complete standstill on average 100 times a day, in order to escort oversized vehicles and vehicles carrying hazardous goods through the tunnel. These vehicles are escorted in a convoy.

Our proposal

We have a simple solution to the traffic hell which blights the lives of thousands of people travelling through the Dartford Tunnel every day – from local business owners to tourists, students to truck drivers and parents on the school run to the emergency services.

The answer is to STOP THE CONVOYS - send them the other way round the M25 instead.

The Facts

  • On average, 100 convoys go through the tunnel a day (that’s about once every fifteen minutes on average), taking up to 2.5 minutes per convoy.
  • This means that during the day time, a tunnel is closed around every 15 minutes
  • Every time this happens, the traffic lights turn to red – and the traffic jam worsens .
  • We estimate that during a normal 24-hour period, convoys account for at least one tunnel being closed for around 2.5 hours.
  • Oversized and hazardous vehicles account for less than 1% of the traffic which uses the tunnel each day.
  • Our proposal is beneficial to the economy and the environment as well as for the vast majority of motorists who use the tunnel.

We need your help to get DARTFORD MOVING